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Shout-out to my mom and Beyond Organic

Shout-out to my mom and Beyond Organic

Although this company isn’t solely Paleo, it does have a few great Paleo products. Contact my mom, Tammy Schack, for more information!

Paleo pancake heaven

Did I just have the best pancakes I’ve ever eaten? YES.
Did I just eat them without any added sugar or syrup? YES.
Were they the hardest dang pancakes I’ve ever had to flip? YES. But so worth it.

I’m full now. Five ingredients: 2 bananas, 1 egg, 1 tbsp. almond butter, cinnamon, and vanilla. Hello, high-carb breakfast/lunch/dessert/snack food that is, of course, Paleo. Here’s the recipe. Not much to it, huh?

Like I said, these pancakes are practically unflippable. I was getting frustrated to the point where I didn’t even think I’d want to make these again…until I tasted the first bite. Put a dab of butter on the top, and I was in pancake heaven.

Paleo isn’t about deprivation — just modification. That, my friends, is realistic.

Paleo and last night’s slow-cooked dinner

One of my favorite Christmas gifts this past year was my slow cooker (thanks, Mom!). I don’t use it as much as I should, but I love having it on hand nonetheless.

ImageI made Pineapple & Mango Sweet Heat Chicken Wings last night — well, I actually started a day in advance. I threw together the wing sauce on Monday night and put it in the fridge overnight to let the flavors blend a little more. The wings and wing sauce went into the slow cooker yesterday afternoon and cooked on low for about five hours.

I rounded out the wings and dipping sauce with some lettuce, tomato, and boiled egg that I had on hand, as well as carrot sticks and butternut squash fries. Next time I’ll take more effort to remove the moisture from the fries. I like mine a little crispier.

The meal was so-so. Not the best Paleo dinner I’ve had so far, but it was still good. My biggest complaint with the wings was that I would have preferred them to be spicier. Plus, I’m just not a fan of having to tear my meat off bones. That’s a little too primal for me. Haha.

I’ll have leftovers tonight, which means no cooking tonight for me!

Don’t give up dessert

Dessert is psychological for me. Stick it right in there with puppies and kittens, sunrises and sunsets, mountains and beaches, and there you have “a few of my favorite things” (I’m humming tunes from The Sound of Music now, thank you very much). One of the many reasons I’m doing this Paleo thing, however, is that I was ADDICTED to sugar, mainly in the form of chocolate candy, ice cream, brownies, cookies, pancakes…oh, the list goes on. All of these things taste(d) great and made me happy!

Here’s my advice if you ever go Paleo: Don’t deprive yourself. OK, yes, deprive yourself of fast food, processed snacks, sugary drinks, and whatever other less-than-quality edibles you think you need but really don’t. But don’t deprive yourself of the types of food you love — just modify them.

ImageTake dessert, for instance. Adopting a whole foods lifestyle doesn’t mean giving this up. One dessert I look forward to making (because it’s fun) and eating (because it’s yummy) is banana pudding with all natural ingredients. I’ve made this recipe twice now and can’t wait to make it again soon.

Free image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Eating out Paleo-style

One of my good friends from high school reached out to me via Facebook the other day after she saw my blog. Apparently, she has been making some changes to her diet lately too — namely eating more whole foods. We’ve had a couple of back-and-forth exchanges so far, and in her latest message she asked me what I do about dining out at restaurants.

I’ve eaten at four different restaurants in the past week. Here’s what I ate at each:

Applebee’s: Let’s go ahead and get this one over with. Folks, I had my one non-Paleo dessert — and my one major splurge — of the week here. When your bowling team wins the championship for the second time in a row, you just have to celebrate with a Maple Butter Pecan Blondie. So delicious.

Chili’s: Fajitas without the tortilla. I think they came with chicken, green pepper, and onions. Not sure exactly what type of oil they were cooked in, but whatever. And I’m sure the chicken wasn’t free-range, but again, whatever. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I have to let go to an extent when I dine out; I’m not the one in control of my food. So the best I can do is to make sure that my selections are as smart as possible. I also had guacamole, additional avocado slices, and pico. Passed on the chips and salsa that my dinner companions ordered as an appetizer.

Chipotle: You can’t go wrong with this place. I’m a huge fan. Again, the food preparation might be questionable, but I trust Chipotle more than most other restaurants. I ordered a bowl/salad that included chicken and veggies (skipped the rice and beans), as well as pico, hot sauce, and lettuce (no cheese or sour cream). Chipotle, I would eat your guac, but I’m not paying a ridiculous $1.80 extra for it. Fix that.

Texas Roadhouse: The meat may not be grass-fed, but otherwise, this is a great stop for a hearty Paleo meal. Tonight I ate TR’s 11 ounce steak, a sweet potato, and fresh veggies — steamed broccoli and carrots. The meal was superb. I also had a couple of bites of my boyfriend’s chili and roll. He has been so supportive of the whole Paleo thing, but sometimes he insists that I try something that he really likes. And sometimes I agree to do so.

I flat out refuse to eat at some restaurants (I can write much more about this in a later post). For others I try to look at a menu beforehand whenever I can. I’m not an expert on Paleo yet by any means, so I look forward to reading some feedback in the comments. If you have any dining out suggestions of your own, let me know!

The pounds are falling off

Saturday breakfastI’m not a fanatic about weighing myself — I typically do it once every couple of weeks when I think about it — but it’s been interesting to see my progress since I’ve started Paleo. Two days ago I was 146.2, and this morning it was down to 144.8 (and I was wearing clothes this time). That’s huge.

Now, just to warn you: this blog isn’t going to be one of those cutesy food blogs with those professional-looking pictures and helpful recipes. But I included this picture to show you HALF of what I ate this morning: two eggs and leftovers from last night’s salad with chicken (so…avocados, chicken, and tomato). The other half was a whole sweet potato, boiled and mashed with added cinnamon and nutmeg. Talk about feeling full! So lest you think I am starving myself and am just delusional about being healthy, you had better think again.

I seriously don’t want to lose much more weight. In fact, if (and that’s a big if), I drop under 140, I’ll probably need to reassess how much I’m eating and try to add some more calories to my diet (for those of you who don’t know me, I’m a tall girl). Too skinny is not pretty. But for now I’m pumped.